Empowerment for the West: a participatory action research project

Building & Bridging Community Networks. University of Brighton, UK, March 31 2004 (co-authored with Randy Stoecker)

This refereed paper is the first in a number of papers about a project with a network of government-funded community-based organisations in the Western Region of Melbourne, Australia.

It is expected that project outcomes will be reported on after the conclusion [...]

Theory, practice, social capital, and information and communications technologies in Australia

Tom Denison, Graeme Johanson, Larry Stillman, Don Schauder

Refereed paper at Many Voices, Many Places – Electronically Enabling Communities for An Information Society: A Colloquium, Monash Centre, Prato Italy, 15-16 October, 2003
See http://www.ccnr.net/prato2003/
Theory, practice, social capital, and information and communications technologies in Australia (peer reviewed paper)

This paper discusses connections between community informatics and social capital in [...]

Participatory Action Research for Electronic Community Networking Projects

This paper is to appeared in volume 36, no 1, 2005 of COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Journal of the Community Development Society.


The paper encourages the adoption of participative action research methodologies for the evaluation of community technology, given the complex and emergent mix of community development and information technology which these projects represent. Much of the richness [...]

Expressing 'community' world views in technology

This was published forĀ  Comminf-06 as part of OTM Workshops (On the Move Workshops) in Montpellier at the start of November. Even the very name of the workshop and the way the website is structured speaks of technical logicians. My attempt to probe systems ‘world views’ came in for quite a lot of flack. The [...]

PhD Thesis: Understandings of Technology in Community-Based Organisations: A Structurational Analysis (2006)

PhD Thesis, Monash University, Faculty of Information Technology, 2006.

My thesis is posted on the assumption that it won’t be plagiarized or otherwise abused. Plagarism is theft, including the unacknowledged use of original diagrams and figures. If you cite or otherwise use such a document, acknowledge it!

If you are interested in structuration theory, theories of technology [...]