Empowering Community Voices Project: Research studies from South Africa and Bangladesh

This is a report from a few years back now, but it still makes for interesting reading.

The two case studies discussed here—with Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (PACSA) in South Africa, and Oxfam in Bangladesh—are part of the Empowering Community Voices project, which is supported by the Oxfam–Monash Partnership. The project is concerned with identifying how information and knowledge activities can result in community voices being more effectively presented and heard in an unimpeded and authentic way in international
development initiatives.

Empowering Community VoicesOxfam-Bangla-1-Aug-2014

Interview in the Daily Samakal (in Bengali)

sclipThe Daily eSamakal Epub 3 march 2016

Mobile phone technology to offer real-time support to Bangladeshi women

A News Item from Monash University, 23 March 2016

Mobile phone technology to offer real-time support to Bangladeshi women, Monash University


PROTIC- Good media coverage on people and technology project in Bangladesh


The PROTIC -a Bengali work meaning ’sign’ – project with Monash University and  Oxfam in Bangladesh is steaming ahead, though a lot of it is on the ground rather than in academic articles.  Here’s a link to a recent press account  about the project in the Dhaka Star, the quality daily. Some of the women farmers also spoke at the event.  More information can be found on Facebook.  Also depicted is a woman filming a community theatre performance with a tablet.

Cuneiform Texts in The Otago Museum

A short report on the project to publish cuneiform texts in the Otago Museum, NZ, N.A.B.U, June 2015.  This is one of the sub-projects of the Cuneiform in Australia and New Zealand Project.

nabu-canz-2015-june Authors: Wayne Horowitz, Larry Stillman, Peter Zilberg