Expressing 'community' world views in technology

This was published forĀ  Comminf-06 as part of OTM Workshops (On the Move Workshops) in Montpellier at the start of November. Even the very name of the workshop and the way the website is structured speaks of technical logicians. My attempt to probe systems ‘world views’ came in for quite a lot of flack. The modified paper, with Barbara Craig, takes up the perspective of taking Indigenous perspectives seriously–that they have strong agency– at least in the ‘world’ of community informatics. A number of Maori have developed the concept of ‘kaupapa’ research–research that is conducted via a Maori world view and process. The article describes and theorises what I was thinking about New Zealand in my earlier blog post. Now whether or not it is ultimately ‘authentic’ (whose authenticity? –after hearing a lecture about Derrida today) is another question. It’s got a lot to do with the power of communities to confront accepted ways of doing things to redress imbalance.

See the draft paper attached. And Springer insists that I acknowledge that this paper is to appear in volume as part of the proceedings and that paper will be copyrighted and only accessible via their web service or in a book form. But its OK to share our draft.


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