Digital Doorway: Social-Technical Innovation for High-Needs Communities

A paper developed from a Development Informatics Conference in Cape Town in 2010.

Stillman, L., M. Herselman, M. Marais, M. Pitse Boshomane, P. Plantinga and S. Walton (2012). “Digital doorway: social-technical innovation for high-needs communities.” Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries 50(2): 1-19.

The issues around insider/outsider research, ethics, and power relations need a lot more exploration. I think Geertz’s essay on “Local Knowledge” is highly relevant.  For 50 years or more,  ever since Fanon the cry has been for authentic indigenous research, and the reversal of invidious power relations.  But  can the sins of the fathers be always visited on their children?  To what degree do we need to accommodate?  It is a hard call.

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