A paper about Amartya Sen and Community Informatics

This is just a draft, so if you cite it, please cite it as a draft and  let me know.

Because the Capability Approach is a highly influential body of theory concerned with human development, it is appropriate that Community Informatics should consider its ideas and practices as a way of further developing a more nuanced conceptual and practical  ‘tool box’.   While the Capability Approach has been discussed with respect to Development Informatics (Zheng 2009), there are enough differences with Community Informatics that it deserves a distinct discussion.  As a first step in this direction, the article examines propositions developed from a number of Community Informatics workshops in recent years and their relationship to the Capability Approach.  It also suggests a way forward for a Community Informatics-Capability Approach research and practice agenda.

Keywords:  Capability Approach, Community Informatics, Development informatics, social-technical theory,  social outcome frameworks.


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