Kuhn and Community Informatics

I’m reading Kuhn’s *The structure of scientific revolutions* slowly after glancing at bits of it over the years.

I’m struck by its deliberately archaic and lugubrious tone at times, which I think reflects the Harvard environment it came from (it takes one to know one).  But despite that–it’s got an extraordinary amount to think about in [...]

PhD Thesis: Understandings of Technology in Community-Based Organisations: A Structurational Analysis (2006)

PhD Thesis, Monash University, Faculty of Information Technology, 2006.

My thesis is posted on the assumption that it won’t be plagiarized or otherwise abused.  Plagarism is theft, including the unacknowledged use of original diagrams and figures.  If you cite or otherwise use such a document, acknowledge it!

Stillman PhD

The Digital Doorway: the social computer

Kids and Digital Doorway

Grant Cambridge, who is one of the very clever engineers with a social justice bent has been spending some time with my colleagues and I in Australia in order to develop interest in promoting this robust of mass-computer experience for remote communities.  It’s the complete opposite, it seems to the One [...]

Its' not all Community Informatics or Politics, a bit of Assyriology then.

What?  In another life, I was a real scholar. If you don’t know about Assyriology, have a look at this information in Wikipedia.  I was actually taught by some of the people listed in that article.

I published a couple of articles and here is the text of one about some tablets in Australia.

For Bill Culican, [...]