Adapting corporate modelling for community informatics

This is a pre-publication draft of :  Stillman, L., S. Kethers, et al. (2009). “Adapting corporate modelling for community informatics.” VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems 39(3): 259 – 274.

To address the need for responsive methodologies to investigate how ICTs are used in non-business and non-corporate environments.


The article, based presents a case [...]

Gunilla Bradley’s ‘Good Society’ and Structuration Theory: an Exploratory Excursus

Larry Stillman, PhD,  Tom Denison, PhD, Centre for Community Networking Research, Monash University, Australia

This is a draft paper to submitted for a Festscrift for Gunilla Bradley to be published in Information and Communication Technologies, Society and Human Beings: Theory and Framework (Festschrift in honor of Gunilla Bradley), by IGI [...]

A most unpleasant word

I published a piece about Israel and Apartheid in GalusAustralis in Feb 2010.  It’s a discomforting discussion to have, and the responses were, well, ‘vigorous’.

What about refugees then?

I had this opinion piece published in Galusaustralis in October 2009.  It deals with the abiding current of racism in Australia.

Undermining the Jewish Left

April 6, 2009


Philip Mendes’ Reflections on Jewish-Arab Dialogue & the Australasian Middle East Studies Association’ (Mendes 2009)[1], which featured as a cover story in the Australian Jewish News (29/3/2009) deserves special analysis, because the viewpoint it presents is one increasingly commonly used to discredit critics in many countries, including Jewish critics [...]