Article on Particpatory Action Research in Bangladesh

Sarrica, M. Denison, T., Stillman, L. Chakraborty, T., Auvi, P., 2017. “What do others think?” An emic approach to participatory action research in Bangladesh. AI and Society. 10.1007/s00146-017-0765-9

A rather academic article trying to explain crosscultural research and action, participation, and other matters.

AI2017 PROTIC paper

Full text: The book, Theories, Practices and Examples for Community and Social Informatics

Theories, Practices and Examples for Community and Social Informatics, edited by Tom Denison, Mauro Sarrica and Larry Stillman is now available online at no cost.

Themes include: social order mediated through ICTs; community and cohesion; class and power; social psychology and technology; the relationship between personal agency and social structure [...]

Understanding the use of mobile phones in difficult circumstances.

This is a chapter from a recent collection of essays in community & social informatics. It is probably pushing the boundaries a bit, but we need to get political.

Stillman, L. (2014). Understanding the use of mobile phones in difficult circumstances. Theories, practices and examples for community and social informatics. T. Denison, M. Sarrica and L. [...]

The Capability Approach and Community Informatics

Larry Stillman, Tom Denison: The Capability Approach Community Informatics

The Information Society (2014)  30(3): 200-211.

“This article integrates key theories and concepts associated with the Capability Approach to community informatics (CI), a domain of sociotechnical theory and practice concerned to improve the lives of people in need. While the social value propositions for community informatics [...]

The Informationalisation of the Australian Community Sector

Rebecca French and Larry Stillman

Based on research in Australia, this article offers explanatory concepts about how welfare workers deal with contradictions between the rationalising ‘informationalisation’ of welfare system governance and the demands of people-centred welfare practice, or ‘technologies of care’. While the situation in Australia with respect to the relationship between government, funders and welfare [...]