Article on Particpatory Action Research in Bangladesh

Sarrica, M., Denison, T., Stillman, L., Chakraborty, T., & Auvi, P. (2019). “What do others think?” An emic approach to participatory action research in Bangladesh. AI & SOCIETY, 34(3), 495–508.

A rather academic article trying to explain crosscultural research and action, participation, and other matters.


Oxfam-Monash Partnership announced.

First steps have been taken to put into place a   5-year project between Monash and Oxfam Australia , to build links between the two institutions and to particularly, to  support the improvement of Oxfam’s services on the ground. I will be one of the team from the Monash side of things, and I hope [...]

Doing IT Better: Project ends, a new dawn beckons.

dib project

The full and   summary report of the 3-year Doing IT Better project is now available.

A nice press release from Monash can be found here.

It’s easy to be cynical about the possibilities for change, but this project might actually result in some community empowerment and skills and knowledge transfer. There really were some community [...]

The Digital Doorway: the social computer

Kids and Digital Doorway

Grant Cambridge, who is one of the very clever engineers with a social justice bent has been spending some time with my colleagues and I in Australia in order to develop interest in promoting this robust of mass-computer experience for remote communities.  It’s the complete opposite, it seems to the One [...]

Doing IT Better

The project is ending, but  in 2010 here’s some basic information.

The Doing IT Better project, a university-community IT capacity-building project is about to get going. A key guiding principle is that of ‘Open Knowledge’, as distinct from individualistic activity. The idea of Open Knowledge had appeared to me as one similar to that found in [...]